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Brand Factory is a partnership between our owned brands, our 10 Factory locations, 4 Countries. 1,700 Workers & staff.  Markets are changing, our goal is to provide inspired design, material science with a focus on sustainability from the most forward-thinking brands in your categories.


Global manufacturing is changing, Brand Factory will keep your assortments updated, creative and competitive.

Our Brands




Pioneers in sustainable material science. Our goal is to create a real connection to people and product through design, touch, materials and sustainability. Pushing boundaries on new and innovative materials.

Our Commitment


Committed to more than just our innovative approach to materials, the Brand Factory team is passionate about our hands-on approach to cleaning up our planet.

Our Factories

Located in Yang Jiang, Ningbo, Shenzhen and Quzhou, China. We have a combined workforce of over 1,700 skilled workers and staff, and have passed social audits for the world’s largest chain stores and brands.


Retail Ready

We’ve spent years making sure our factories are retail ready and compliant. We’ve passed social audits for most of the world’s largest chain stores and understand how to pack, ship, display and merchandise plan-o-grams. We’re also proficient in forecasting and inventory management.



Our Locations



Shanghai, China
Yang Jiang, Guangdong, China
Sydney, Australia



Santa Monica, CA

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